PLURIBUS Testimonies
PLURIBUS Testimonies


« The Sodexo/Pluribus partnership is not your typical vendor/client relationship, but rather a collaborative commitment to creating, learning and growing together; a commitment that has allowed me to witness and be a part of the global growth and success that Pluribus has achieved over the past 10 years, and that I'm sure will continue for many years to come ».
Rohini Anand - Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility & Global Chief Diversity Officer - Sodexo

« Over a time period of almost 10 years, and from the very beginning, the success of our collaboration has been based on a strong trusting partnership with the shared vision, with the same passion and mindset ! I want to thank Isabelle and the Pluribus Team for sharing your wisdom and accompanying Sodexo and me grow during this rich D&I journey ! »
Satu Heschung – VP of Global Diversity & Inclusion - Sodexo

« L'Oréal started to work with Pluribus almost 10 years ago when Isabelle Pujol helped the Group defining the new Diversity strategy. Since then, Pluribus has been one of the main external partners to help L'Oréal with the conceptualisation and roll-out of the Diversity workshop : a one-day mandatory training for all our employees. Today Pluribus Associates from all over the world help our teams to train our employees. We are very thankful to have such a competent, reliable and experienced partner at our side. »
Marie-Aude Torres Maguedano – International D&I Director – L'Oréal

« Great experience with Isabelle and Pluribus.  We worked together to build our first International Diversity & Inclusion meeting with colleagues joining from all around the world. A lot of energy, deep thinking, reflection and actions to further move the D&I agenda at Sanofi. »
Paul Waltmann - Diversity Head, Human Resources - Sanofi

« In the past years, Pluribus has been a great contributor in creating awareness on the  importance of bias in our organisation. »
Sonia Studer – Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion - Nestlé

« As we were rather late to address diversity and inclusion, we had the luxury to learn from best practice. We therefore teamed up with Isabelle Pujol to create and deliver awareness trainings. Isabelle made a difference with her huge experience and the way she challenged us and our top leaders. She created curiosity and hunger for more. The best start you could have on a D&I journey. »
Eivind Slaan – Head of People & Culture Development - Hilti

« Beyond her passion and professionalism, listening is Isabelle's great quality. Every time, we have worked together, she understood our needs perfectly and found limpid solutions to questions such as  : "how to build a diversity roadmap?" ; "how to raise awareness through our Diversity Council all over the world". Let's continue your road! »
Laurence Reckford - Diversity Department Manager - Total

« Pluribus supported the development of the Beyond Bias program for Hilti to be implemented globally and as I started our D&I journey in Hilti North America it became clear that a more inclusive approach would be needed within our organization. We could combine the content and expertise from Pluribus with Our Culture Journey we would be embedding D&I within our culture. Isabelle and her team of facilitators have absolutely understood our organizational culture and have been instrumental in bringing awareness to the importance of inclusion »
Silvia Siqueira - Diversity & Inclusion Senior Manager - Hilti North America

« Active listening , goodwill and kindness, empathy. Isabelle Pujol has these great human qualities that enable people to speak freely and trust each other. Let's get inspired by her ».
Mathilde Tabary – D&I Manager - Carrefour

PLURIBUS Partners and Clients
PLURIBUS Partners and Clients


  • PLURIBUS Clients
  • PLURIBUS Clients
  • PLURIBUS Clients
  • PLURIBUS Clients
  • PLURIBUS Clients
PLURIBUS Success stories
PLURIBUS Success stories

Success stories


  • Top management commitment: D&I function directly reports to CEO
  • Strong business case: 75 million consumers everyday means 75 million of opportunities to connect in an inclusive way
  • Global, Regional and Local D&I business cases Prerequisite for starting any action in a country: alignment and engagement of the local leadership team
  • Shared awareness of what is inclusion and what is diversity across managers and employees using the workshop SPIRIT OF INCLUSION. Spirit of Inclusion fully embedded in Sodexo's 3 key values: Spirit of progress, spirit of service and team spirit
  • Spirit of Inclusion Train the Facilitator's approach to build internal capability and create strong D&I champions across the organization: understand the different facets of diversity, explore the business case, challenge the mental models, stereotypes and bias, develop inclusive skills and identify individual/collective action plan
  • Walk the talk: Golden Behaviors for Inclusive Managers being implemented throughout the organization
  • Focus on 5 areas with clear objectives: Gender, Disability, Generations, Cultures, LGBT
  • Networks & Affinity groups at global & local levels to enhance communication, build awareness and share best practices
  • Creation of SWIFt (Sodexo Women International Forum for talent) in 2009 – a network of senior women and men with a focus on gender balance with recommendations & actions to the CEO
  • Sodexo Gender Balance In Management case study among 50 000 managers in 90 entities. Findings are:
    - optimal balance: between 40 to 60% gender balance in management
    - KPI1 - better employee engagement (+4 points)
    - KPI2 – gross profit (+ 23%)
    - KPI3 – stronger brand image (+5 points)
    - KPI4 – organic growth (13%)
  • Pluribus positioned as a strategic partner since 2007


  • Strategic alignment – Diversity & Inclusion fully embedded in Hilti global strategic vision 2020 with a focus on the 3 Gs (Gender, Global, Generations)
  • Systemic D&I approach as part of their HR & talent management processes
  • A Beyond Bias module is mandatory for all team leaders as part of their annual talent reviews. The intention is to understand and challenge bias in relation to talent management and decision making process
  • Beyond Bias part of their Cultural journey to raise awareness of every employee across the world
  • Building D&I Ambassadors across the company by training managers (HR & Operations) with a deep dive D&I Train the Facilitator's approach. More than 120 trained in various region in the UK, Continental & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia PAC
  • Pluribus positioned as a strategic partner at the beginning stage of their D&I journey in 2013


  • Clear D&I business case link to overall L'Oréal vision: "Ambition 2020: "Search, attract and develop 1 billion new customers' loyalty" and become number 1 in Diversity Management"
  • All managers are attending a Diversity Workshop across the world looking at raising D&I awareness, addressing and challenging stereotypes and bias and understanding the legal framework. The rollout has started in 2006. Overall goal is that every employee participates to the programme.
  • Pluribus involved in the design of the Diversity Workshop and part of the delivery in various countries and regions since 2006 (France, UK, Russia, Turkey, Israël, Hungry, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil etc.)

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PLURIBUS Testimonies


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Success stories

Driving Inclusion and Diversity is a journey. Each organisation develops a strong business case and monitors progress.

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